Sailor Fountain Pen with Fude Nib

Art Candy: Sailor Fountain Pen with Fude Nib


The Sailor Profit Fude de Mannen Calligraphy fountain pen kind of looks like an ordinary plastic fountain pen.

Sailor Fountain Pen Review

When you screw the cap off, there’s the hidden secret: the nib, doesn’t have a normal point, but is angled at 55°. It looks like it was dropped and fell right on the tip of the pen, bending the nib.

This angled nib allows the pen to be used kind of like a brush pen: changing the angle while drawing will give varied line widths. That makes your line rather unpredictable and that’s why it’s so exciting to use! I like how some lines are thick and juicy, and When turning the nib upside down, you can add very thin hatching lines that will nicely contrast with the uncontrolled fat lines.

I have two of these: in one I use the water-soluble ink from Sailor’s cartridge. For the other one I use a converter and use Platinum Carbon Ink so I can combine my drawings with watercolors.

Oh and for such a versatile and exciting pen, the price is extremely friendly!

— Koosje Koene, Co-Founder of Sketchbook Skool

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