Today is the start of the Chinese New Year, and 2016 is the year of the Red Monkey. In the Chinese zodiac, monkey attributes include intelligence and cleverness. Around Sketchbook Skool, they have a different meaning: The monkey is the voice in your head telling you to stop this sketching foolishness.

The monkey in our heads tells us that making art is dumb and a waste of time, that you have no talent–all the stuff that can make you put down your pen, even in the middle of a great drawing. As you saw from Danny’s Study Hall homework, he’s got a monkey in his head too. He even wrote a whole book on how to shut your monkey (more on that in March!). The main point? The best way to silence that simian naysayer telling you can’t draw is by drawing.

To help you keep your pens and paintbrushes moving, our new term starts on February 26, with four amazing kourses. Make this new year a happy and creative one–shut your monkey and keep drawing!

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