Q & Art with Danny Gregory and Prashant Miranda: Is Drawing Meditation?


You’ve heard that meditation is good for you. And you know that drawing is more than just putting lines on paper. It can ground you in the present moment, bringing you enormous peace and calm. So can drawing be a form of meditation?

In this Q & Art video, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory asks SBS fakulty member Prashant Miranda about the links between drawing and meditation. Prashant comes from India, the birthplace of meditation, and he spends a great deal of time there making art, so he’s definitely an expert on the subject!

These days, the world is changing so rapidly. Each morning can bring news that is difficult for us to make sense of. Drawing can restore us to a calmer state. In good times and bad, artists have helped themselves and others through the act of being creative. Art heals.

For more on this important topic, read this recent discussion from the students of SBS.

Featured image by Prashant Miranda.

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