Q & Art: How to Keep Kids Creative


Screens. They’ve become a big part of our lives (you’re reading this on a screen right now). We watch our favorite shows and movies on TV screens, work on computer screens, surf social media on our phone screens. If you’re an adult you remember a time before screens were everywhere, even in elevators, but your kids are growing up in a world of screens.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing—as long as they spend time doing tactile things, too. Like playing sports, helping to make dinner in the kitchen, and drawing with good ol’ paper, pens, crayons, and paints.

Drawing and lettering by hand has been shown to help children improve concentration. Some studies show it helps children with autism to focus better. It’s also a different kind of fun that you can share with them.

Many members of the Sketchbook Skool community do our kourses with their children and grandchildren. It’s a great way to spend time together and show kids how to be more creative. A great klass to do with kids is Draw It Like It’s Hot. This is a food illustration kourse that teaches you how to draw food, make creative lettering, and map out an illustrated recipe like the one below. At the end of the kourse, you’ll be able to submit your recipe to illustrated recipe website They Draw and Cook! How fun would that be for you and your kids?

We all want our children to have every opportunity. And encouraging their creativity will help them do well in a world of constant change. In this Q & Art video, we talk to children’s book author, blogger, and mother of six Melissa Wiley about strategies for encouraging our children’s creativity. Start doing that today—get 20 percent off Draw It Like It’s Hot if you enroll this week!

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