Great news: Our 4-week kourse Playing is on sale this week!

As a kid, you looked forward to summertime—school was out, and you had weeks and weeks of playing ahead of you. As an adult, you can look forward to Skool being in, with weeks and weeks of Playing!

Playing is Sketchbook Skool’s pure fun, no rules, let-your-creativity-run-wild kourse. It’s four weeks of exciting new art projects that teach you how to do one of the most important things for making art: how to PLAY!

This four-week workshop is usually $99, but it’s available for you now for only $79. It’s a great kourse to do with the whole family. Take the Playing lessons with your kids, or just bring out the kid in yourself.

Once you enroll, you can jump right into the lessons; they’re on demand. Can’t do the klasses now? Take advantage of the discount—once you enroll, the klasses are yours to watch whenever you want.

This discount is just for this week, so don’t put off the fun when you could be Playing with us!

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