Sabine Wisman

Yes You May: Play with Sabine Wisman


We’re in the second week of Yes You May Month—during the month of May, we’re giving you permission to be creative. To color outside the lines, to use crayons again, to draw every day, and to play!

Logically, we know we don’t really need permission to draw and do the creative things we want to do… But somehow, our inner critical monkey voice chastises us. It tells us that drawing and making art is a waste of time, and that surely there’s some housework or something else that needs to be done. Sabine Wisman, one of Sketchbook Skool’s fakulty members, doesn’t listen to that voice; she proudly says her house isn’t always neat and perfect because she’d rather spend time being creative!

Listen to Sabine share her daily Yes You May practice with Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory in this video (just click the image to play). Sabine has a fun little exercise that doesn’t take much time, but is guaranteed to get you being more creative. Which, of course, means you’ll be happier.

Look for our Yes You May permission slips on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds all through the month of May. And if you want to play every day, why not take one of our daily workshops, like How to Draw Without Talent?

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