Pep Talk with Michael Nobbs

Yes You May: Pep Talk with Michael Nobbs


It’s the last day of Yes You May, the monthlong challenge we started to give you (and ourselves!) permission to be creative.

In this final Yes You May pep talk, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene talks to an expert at vanquishing the myth that you don’t have enough time to be creative. Michael Nobbs has written books, created daily podcasts, and started the entire Sustainably Creative movement based on the idea that all you need is 20 minutes a day to be creative. Take that, “no time” myth!

We’ve had a great month of pep talks and permission to draw and be creative, and now… It’s not over. The month of May is coming to a close, but Yes You May was the start of your own new creative movement. Yes, you may keep being creative!

To keep yourself on track, make a commitment: Sign up for a new kourse. May we suggest Urban Sketching? It’s just one week long, so no big time worries, and at $29, it costs less than a book full of someone else’s art.

Can you really take art klasses at home, on your own time, learn something new, and stay on your creative journey? Yes You May.

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