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Our Next Kourse!: Urban Sketching


Our next kourse is going to transform your sketchbook.

We’ve put together the best of our klasses about sketching on location and turned them into an amazing five-week workshop: Urban Sketching.

Urban Sketching—drawing on location, wherever you are—is a global art movement. Urban Sketching means creating elaborate, rich watercolor drawings of buildings, street scenes, and more, and it can also mean whipping out your sketchbook and telling a story in pictures while waiting at the doctor’s office. Urban Sketching means being able to draw whatever you see in front of you.

In this kourse, you’ll take lessons from the rock stars of the Urban Sketching world—Jason Das, Liz Steel, Miguel “Freekhand” Herranz, Lapin, and Nina Johansson. And they’ll teach you how to:

Draw street scenes, buildings, cars, and people

Keep a travel journal and sketch while sightseeing

Do loose, on-the-spot sketches

Break down complex subjects to create detailed, in-depth drawings

Get the right art supplies

Translate the feel of a place and develop your own style

You’ll also get the inside tips on the tools Urban Sketching pros use, gifts from your teachers to help you along your Urban Sketching journey, and much, much more. You’ll learn a new way of drawing that will change your sketchbook, and maybe, as some Urban Sketchers have experienced, your life. Click here for more about Urban Sketching!

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