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Art on the Airwaves: Our Community’s Favorite Podcasts


Last week, we featured a list of tunes and sounds that our community members love to draw to. Amidst all of the bands, songwriters, and soundscapes suggested, only a few people mentioned audiobooks or podcasts.

Maybe you’re on the train to work or wandering the aisles of the grocery store and you find yourself wishing you were drawing. How can you stay inspired while doing the most mundane of tasks? Listening to podcasts that intrigue and captivate you not only passes the time, but keeps your creative juices flowing even when you aren’t able to spend time in your sketchbook. Below, we’ve compiled a list of (mostly) art-themed podcasts that are all free to stream from a computer or handheld device.

Sketchbook Skool Favorite Podcasts

Some of these podcasts are more practical and others feature the philosophies and inspirations of well-known world-renowned artists and designers. Whether you’re a closeted doodler, an artist that shows drawings at the local coffee house or gallery, or something in between, we’ve found that listening to other artists talk about their work and inspirations can be invigorating and insightful for your own creativity. For the times that you can’t pull out a laptop or tablet and watch a Sketchbook Skool video, gives these podcasts a try!

  • The Savvy Painter features practical tips and interviews with creative professionals
  • Bad at Sports presents a view of what’s happening in the contemporary art world. Even if you can’t get out to a museum, listen to what drives some of today’s prolific artists and look up work that might inspire you.
  • Moma Multimedia Check out what’s happening at one of the world’s leading arts institutions through interviews with artists and curators.
  • Love Life Drawing Podcast Do you have a thing for drawing faces and figures? This podcast is all about capturing the human form; techniques as well as artists to note
  • Design Matters Get an inside look at design and creative culture through interviews with designers, writers, musicians, creative thinkers, and makers of modern things.
  • Sidebar Nation presents listeners with a DIY picture of engaging with artists, illustrators, and designers making cutting edge work on a daily basis. If you’re into comics and pop culture, this podcast is especially for you!

You might say that most of these podcasts are about Artists with a capital “A” and not every day artists like you. Upon researching this topic, we found that Artists and artists alike benefit from hearing each other’s stories. Sure there are some practical tips and more technical information, but many of these feature creative people and their big ideas.

Even if you’re not interested in the contemporary art world, what’s happening within the walls of today’s great museums and design houses had to start somewhere; perhaps in a sketchbook during a meeting or maybe even in a classroom with a doodle many years ago. Take a listen and you might be surprised.

Did we miss any must-hear podcasts? Comment below if there’s something our community should try listening to!

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