Featured image by Fakulty member Jean-Christophe Defline

Sadly less than a year ago, our community came together in support of our French students and fakulty in light of horrific events at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. This past weekend, tragedy struck Paris again in the form of an unthinkable act of terrorism. Immediately, Sketchbook Skool students and fakulty responded to the events that unfolded on November 13. This demonstration of solidarity and hope for peace for Paris (and other affected areas) through drawing stood out as one of the pillars of the Sketchbook Skool community we strive to build.

Sketchbook Skool has united students from all over the globe through the power of making art. During this tragic time, students came together to support klassmates and fakulty members through positive messages and art as a form of healing.

According to a beloved French Fakulty member Jean-Christophe Defline:

The best answer we can collectively give is to show these cowards, life goes on. We will not change in any way our way of living, nor do we want fear to spread among our friends, because this is the ultimate goal of terrorism. France is an old country that has overcome a lot of disasters in the past. We will learn to live with this new plague, face it with determination and I am confident light will prevail over darkness in the long term.

And through sharing art, supporting each other, and pressing on, we think Jean-Christophe is right. See below for a little bit of light from our friends and klassmates:

We have seen a lot of images like these this week floating around online and we want our community to continue to support each other through the power of drawing. And to follow a fellow student, Cheryl Andre’s advice, let’s live, love, and sketch. This week, try to create an image that represents that mantra that we want to keep alive during a time like this. You can hand-letter the quote like Koosje did below or else draw something else that inspires you to live, love, and sketch. Share it on social media using the hashtags #art4all and #sketchbookskool or post your images here!

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