old men learn how to draw

Even Grumpy Old Men Can Learn How to Draw


When we saw this Facebook video posted by Ji Lee about how he got his father to start drawing again, we fell in love. So did many of our Sketchbook Skool students, who completely identified with needing a reason to give themselves permission to make art. And once they did, their new creative habit started changing their lives.

If you need a reason to give yourself permission to make art, we’ll give you the best one, the only one you need:

Because your life matters, because you matter, because the art you make will be so meaningful to others, and to you. Because you can. Because you should. Because you don’t need talent or a degree from an art school or a ton of expensive art supplies or even a lot of time. Because all you need is you, a pad of paper, and a pen. Because you can make a difference in someone’s life, and in your own life. Because making art makes people less grumpy.

If you’ve always wanted to draw, we’ll teach you. If you already draw but need some nudging to keep going, we’ll nudge you. (We’re even better nudges than artists.) Check out our klasses, and stay tuned for a special announcement about a new kourse that will have you drawing in no time flat. (Talent not required.)

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