The terrible events in Paris have saddened all in the Sketchbook Skool Community. Students rallied around SBS fakulty member Jean-Christophe Defline, offering support and a virtual group hug, drawn by student Buzz Bain.

Here are some thoughts from Jean-Christophe:

As you know, fundamentalist terrorists rushed in the Newsroom of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly magazine, and killed 12 persons just because they thought caricaturing Mahomet was an insult to their religion.

Among the victims were artists I have admired since my teen years for their creativity, their virtuosity at drawing, their ability to fight every form of oppression and totalitarianism.

They used to say, France was a paradise for cartoonists because « it still is a country where you can laugh at everything ». They never realized they could be shot just because their job was to make people laugh with drawings.

We were knocked devastated, the whole community of artists and journalists, many of us who were close to the victims. But we were joined by the whole country because people realized by committing this slaughter, the terrorists were attacking the foundation of our democracy: freedom of expression. All of France stood together, claiming our solidarity with Charlie Hebdo #JeSuisCharlie. Artists I am close to started producing drawings in response to this horrifying attack.

The flow was incredible. But others, including me, were simply unable to draw because of the effects of the violence of this act.

I posted my thoughts among my klassmates at Sketchbook Skool and receive an incredible warm feedback with lot of sympathy messages, and a steam of drawings — that has been probably my best therapy.

I have no words to express the warm feedback I got. I am sharpening my pencils again and start drawing again. Hugs to all my klassmates and fellow artists.

— Jean-Christophe


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