Art: Danny Gregory

You may have noticed lately that the Sketchbook Skool blog isn’t posting as much as it used to. The possible reasons:

Our pencils broke.

The monkey (the harsh inner critic) finally won.

We went on a plein air painting trip and got lost in a very scenic vista.

Our blogista Suzan was attacked by hermit crabs (which are usually such peaceful creatures).

Actually, none of the above! We’re in the process of making something new, creating a brand new SBS zine for the Sketchbook Skool community. It’s under construction but will be going out to subscribers soon. If you’ve already subscribed to the SBS Newsletter, just sit back, enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, and you’ll be getting the first issue of the zine soon. If you haven’t subscribed, click here to get your zine. It’s all free, and it’s going to be minty fresh!

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