The new term at Sketchbook Skool is open! Click here to check out the klasses. This term is full of great kourses—with a new twist.

First, we have five great kourses you can start immediately. Work at your own pace. Enroll today and start drawing today, or binge after the holidays—it’s up to you. These kourses are on-demand:

How to Draw Without Talent with Danny Gregory: Our newest kourse! Can’t even draw a straight line? Danny will teach you all you need to draw anything on earth!

Creative Lettering with Andrea Joseph:

Our popular 30-day workshop shows you how to turn even lousy handwriting into great art.

Draw It Like It’s Hot with Koosje Koene:

Learn how to make beautiful food art and create illustrated recipes.


Our classic illustrated journaling kourse. Six teachers start you on an adventure in drawing that will change your life.

Playing: Dozens of fun creative projects to bring out the child-artist in you. Let’s play!

But maybe you’d rather take a kourse along with a community of great creative people just like you? No problem—join this month’s Community Kourse: Storytelling. On Monday, December 5th, we’re all going to start together and learn how to turn a sketchbook into the story of your life. More exciting news: Our klasses will be on a new platform! It’s simple and beautiful and now it’s even easier to upload the amazing art you’ll be making, so you can show it off to all your new friends in Skool. (P.S. You will need to create a new login on the new platform, but don’t worry, it’s super easy.)

We’re so excited about this new term, and we can’t wait to see your art. See you in klass!

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