We’ve been watching you.

Your first sketches, posted hesitantly, but with pride. Your watercolors. Your lettering. We’ve been watching your art evolve, your line become more defined. We’ve heard you ask us how to develop a style—while you’ve been developing your style. So we’re about to give you what you’ve been craving for your evolution as sketchbook artists.

You’re ready for Polishing.

Sure, your monkeys are telling you you’re not ready to start polishing your art, but you are. Believe us. Even if you still think of yourself as a beginner, you’ll learn fun ways to draw facial expressions and food. If you think you’re a little more advanced, challenge yourself with new subject matter and methods. Monkey got your pen? No worries—there’s a klass for that. No matter where you are in your creativity, Polishing will take you to the next level.

New klass starts April 15!

Expand your horizons. Test yourself. Try new things, and have fun doing it. Six weeks, six teachers, and a whole bunch of new directions.

Where will your art take you? Find out by clicking the link below!

Yes, I’m ready for Polishing!

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