Exciting news: We have a new kourse! Get ready for Let’s Make A Map, starting June 12!

Maps are helpful, but they’re beautiful, too. They’re an art form unto themselves. And in Let’s Make A Map, you’ll learn how maps can have a zillion uses, letting you tell your story in rich, exciting ways.

You can make a map of the best vacation you ever had—where you went, but also what you did, saw, bought, and ate. You can make a map of the best coffee shops in your town. Map your family history (what a great gift that would make). Map the story of how you and your beloved met, the big moments of your life, your musical tastes and hairstyles throughout the years… There’s a whole world of maps you can make!

Nate Padavick, co-creator of map website They Draw And Travel and one of the world’s great map illustrators, is your instructor in Let’s Make A Map. He’ll teach you, step by step, how to make your own detailed and beautiful map. And he’ll share over a hundred different map types to inspire your project. At the end, you can submit your map to They Draw And Travel!

This rich, beautiful 1-week kourse is just $29, and it’s open to all levels. You’re guaranteed to come away full of ideas, inspiration, and a gorgeous detailed map of your favorite place. Ready to take a creative adventure? Enroll now in Let’s Make A Map!

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