Great news: Our new kourse is here! Get ready for Imagining.

How’s your imagination? Could you imagine doing more with it? Transforming your drawings, your sketchbook, maybe even your life? Doing things you never dreamed you could?

Imagining is a five-week program of step-by-step exercises and projects that will strengthen your creative muscles. You’ll get solid, practical advice on how to go from drawing from observation to drawing from your imagination, making space in your life to make art, mindful creativity, and more. Your teachers will share the tricks and tools that made their own lives happier and revolutionized their skills:

Koosje Koene followed a whim to draw and found her passions: making art and teaching. (And she became the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool!)

Ohn Mar Win used her sketchbook to reboot her career and became a successful illustrator—all while raising two small children.

Stefan Bucher drew a monster a day, jumped out of his comfort zone, and reinvented his design practice.

Marloes De Vries came up with a fun approach to recording her life and launched a new career as an author and artist.

Nina Johansson reimagined her approach to making art by creating a fantasy drawing every single day for a year.

These amazing artists will teach you how to create your own characters and storylines, and even turn them into a book; new ways to work with India ink, marker pens, fine liners, and watercolors; how to develop different drawing styles; daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to sharpen your drawing skills and keep your imagination growing; and more. Most important, they’ll give you the courage to leap out of your comfort zone and into a more creative life of your own.

If there are creative goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish, or even if you just want to be able to turn any blank sheet of paper into a work of art, this kourse will teach you how to do things you never imagined.

Imagining starts Monday, September 18. Click here to enroll now!

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