A New Year’s Resolution can be a great way to kick-start a habit, but often times they can be so… un-fun. They’re all about getting lots of exercise and not getting to eat what you want.

What if we told you we have a way to make your New Year’s Resolution Fun? With a capital F in the form of a new fountain pen and a fresh sketchbook.

We’re proud to bring you A Drawing A Day, newly re-launced for 2018! A Drawing A Day is one of our most popular kourses. It’s four weeks’ worth of beautiful online videos that teach you how to draw, and how to stick with a habit you’ll love. (And psst: it’s currently on sale for 20% off now through December 25!)

Here’s how it works: starting January 2, art instructor and author Veronica Lawlor will kick your new year off right with a daily drawing exercise. Then, each weekday for the next four weeks, she’ll take you through all sorts of great exercises in line, texture, color, drawing people. We’ll go on field trips, work with other artists — and draw and draw! And have fun.

To turn drawing into a real habit, we’ll also give you loads of new tools. Like access to a special A Drawing A Day community full of tips, interviews, art inspiration and so much more. You’ll even get a drawing prompt every day for the entire year.

This kourse is designed for all levels which means there’s really no reason to say no. Make 2018 your year. Will you join us in A Drawing A Day?

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