Want to discover new ways to be creative? Want new ideas on how to fill your sketchbook with beauty, different styles and techniques, and fun? Then it’s time for Sketchbook Skool’s newest kourse: Exploring.

We’ll be honest: We’re beyond excited about this new kourse. It’s the first all-new community kourse we’ve had in a while, and Sketchbook Skool students are really buzzing about it. We can’t blame them, given the rock-star lineup of teachers:

  • Danny Gregory, Sketchbook Skool's co-founder, who's teaching contour drawing and cross-hatching, and investigating why we're creative, so we can keep being that way.
  • Brian Butler, a big name in street art, has a Sketchbook Skool first—painting a giant mural in Los Angeles for his klass. He'll show you how street art can enhance and develop your own unique style.
  • Nina Johansson, at last! We've been teasing Nina as a fakulty member for a while, and fans of her watercolors and urban sketches are going wild. If you haven't met Nina yet, you'll soon be a huge fan too.
  • Felix Scheinberger is back. Students have been hoping for more of Felix's pro tips, and they get them in Exploring when he takes you on a journey through layout, composition, and telling a story through drawings.
  • Lynne Chapman has illustrated and written over 30 children's books and is another Urban Sketching legend. In Exploring, she takes you on an Urban Sketching adventure that will turn the world around you into an amazing place.

In the coming weeks you’ll hear more about the teachers and their lessons. This five-week community kourse, with a new teacher each week, begins on April 17, but you can sign up now. We can’t wait to start Exploring with you!

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