Nina’s got a gift for you: a playlist that will kickstart your imagination. Art: Nina Johansson

This week in our Imagining kourse, Nina Johansson returns to show you an entirely different kind of drawing than she taught in our Urban Sketching kourse. Nina challenged herself to do a drawing a day for a year from imagination, and she shows all the wild places she went in her klass.

Among the tools Nina used to get her imagination going was music. Lyrics tended to distract her, so she went for ambient, atmospheric, and other kinds of songs that were free of vocals. We asked Nina to make you an Imagining playlist, and here it is! Click this link to listen to Nina’s playlist on Spotify.

What music do you listen to when you draw? Share your playlist with us on the Sketchbook Skool News page on Facebook.

Art: Nina Johansson

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