“Don’t Hold Yourself Back” by Jonathan Twingley

We’ve all seen motivational posters in offices, libraries, classrooms—an ocean reminding you to be calm and patient, or a grand rock face hinting at the value of perseverance and determination. Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Jonathan Twingley, one of the teachers from our Stretching kourse, creates his own motivational drawings through the use of the titles in his work.

According to Twingley, when he needs a pep talk, he just does a new drawing and gives it an inspirational title. The cheeky piece above became a motivational poster with the title “Don’t Hold Yourself Back.”

Check out his blog post to see more of his inspirational art. Then, revisit some of your own favorite drawings, or your least favorite drawings, and revitalize them with a quote that inspires you.

You can find endless inspiration in our klasses; check out our kourses page.

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