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As we reach the midway point of our newest kourse, Stretching, the staff at Sketchbook Skool are simply blown away by what students have been exploring over these past few weeks. Let this serve as a little update and a peek at what’s been going on in our skool halls for those of you who haven’t signed up for Stretching (yet).

Carol Lowne's Twingley

Carol Lowne’s Twingley

During our first week, we not only learned a new verb, to Twingle, but learned how to do it with gusto! Students were exposed to new techniques and adventurous approaches right off the bat with SBS fakulty member Jonathan Twingley. Student Owen Swain explains how that word came to be and what some of the results were in a recent blogpost. Another student explored some fun collage materials through her twingling experiements and you can see her finished experiment here.

Ryn Weisz' homework assignment for Twingley

Ryn Weisz’ homework assignment for Twingley

In addition to twingling, students have had a blast drawing selfies and portraits using the style of fakulty member Lapin. So much so that some big headed fakulty portraits were born and we can’t get enough of them! Student Lynn Cohen tackled multiple family members as well as herself with the big-head approach and you can see some fun results here.

Jacques Thijs' big-head portrait of Lapin.

Jacques Thijs’ big-head portrait of Lapin.

Today, students will embark on week three of our kourse with France Belleville-Van Stone. Even though it’s week three, it’s not too late to sign up! So come on and join us if you think your drawing could use a stretch or two.

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