It’s back! One of our most popular online art klasses, Storytelling, is making a return engagement starting this Friday, April 15. Storytelling tells the story of…you! This kourse shows you how to take your sketches and turn them into narratives about your life, from the big events to the moments of reflection you have between sips of tea. Meet the teachers who will show you how:

Koosje Koene is the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool and an avid fan of coffee, food, cooking, recipes, and art. In Storytelling, our very own KK will show you how to take your favorite recipe and turn it into a story. See more of her delicious recipe art on her website,, and They Draw and Cook.

Matters Adolfsson is a children’s book author, animator, and video game designer. His whimsical and highly detailed drawings will help you discover stories from your imagination that have been waiting to come forth. Take a tour of his world on his website,

Melanie Reim is an award-winning illustrator who has worked with book and magazine publishers and ad agencies. Melanie is the chairperson of the MFA in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She’s fearless about sketching in public! Visit her at

Jean-Christophe Defline was once a Sketchbook Skool student just like you! Now this Internet CEO has his own klass, where he’ll tell you the story of how he became one of our teachers–by making elaborate book covers about his family’s vacation adventures. Visit him at

Veronica Lawlor is the author of the book One Drawing A Day!, which meant she was singing SBS’s favorite tune. An expert in reportage illustration, Veronica has a uniquely beautiful drawing video in Storytelling involving movement and dance. Visit her at

Danny Gregory and his wife JJ drove across country from LA to New York last year–a great opportunity to see the sights, meet people, eat great food, and, of course, sketch it all. Danny’s klass will demonstrate how an illustration is worth a thousand pics taken with a selfie stick. For more, visit

Learn how to tell your story in drawings and words. Don’t miss this amazing klass–sign up for Storytelling here!

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