What are artists really like? Are they all born talented, and become supremely self-assured beings who lead charmed lives? Maybe, but the teachers in our new kourse Imagining, like Marloes De Vries, are a lot more interesting. Here’s a Facebook Live chat Marloes did with Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory, some of her art, and some facts about her…

Marloes started drawing like most kids do, but when she was in middle school, she started being bullied. She sought comfort in drawing: “My paper and pens became my best friends,” she says. A great example of a negative becoming a positive, this focus on drawing set Marloes on a creative path.

After deciding she wanted to become a children’s book illustrator, Marloes got into art school—and was told her art wasn’t good enough for illustration.

Marloes spent time as a graphic designer, making a decent living. But that dream of illustrating children’s books never went away. She took a chance and applied to take classes in illustration. This time, she was encouraged by her teachers to become an illustrator. If she hadn’t taken those classes, Marloes might never have gone on to become the successful illustrator she is now.

As a way to deal with moving to a big city and starting a new career, Marloes began making little cartoons of her life. Her friends thought they were great and begged her to put them online. These Journal Doodles made Marloes’s art so popular, she got more commissioned work from clients and opened up her own Etsy shop to sell copies, prints, pins, and more. All that, from following the inspiration to draw!

Marloes teaches a simple, foolproof method for drawing people in Imagining. You’ll be making adorable cartoons of your life in minutes!

Of the many things we love about Marloes, we think her story of becoming the artist she imagined herself to be is so inspiring. It’s just a matter of believing in yourself, and in learning how to use your imagination. That’s part of what Marloes teaches in Imagining. What can you imagine yourself doing? Find out when you take Imagining!

Art: Marloes De Vries

Don’t wait too long; Imagining may not be offered again. Art: Marloes De Vries

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