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Community: Lights…Camera…Draw! Student Edition


Being a student at SketchBook Skool is way more than just learning to draw with us — it’s joining a highly engaged community of like-minded people. It’s always a lot of fun to spend time together in person so for People Drawing People, we tried something completely new. We posted a casting call for students in the area and three lucky people were invited to join us for a peek behind the scenes of our shoot in Brooklyn this February.


Steph Stokes and France Belleville Van Stone

Andrea Rubinstein, Jen Cahill, and Steph Stokes saw first-hand what goes into making a Sketchbook Skool kourse. And they got to make art with the Fakulty too.

Andrea did a sketch-off portrait with Vin Ganapathy, Jen worked with Felix Scheinberger and Steph had a portrait party with Jason Das and France Belleville Van Stone. It was awesome and of course, the cameras captured it all for you. We hope you’ll join Andrea, Jen, Steph, and the rest of us in klass on April 15th.

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