making a winter greeting card

Draw Tip Tuesday: Let’s Make a Winter Greeting Card


In this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene will show you an easy way to make a card with meaning this holiday season, by creating your very own winter greeting card!

While buying someone a card is just as nice, creating your own takes it up just a notch. By creating your own card, you can incorporate details of your relationship with the receiver of your card that sometimes can be hard to come by in a store on any given day.

You can even turn your card itself into a gift by turning it into a coloring page! With greeting cards, the options are really endless.

We love this drawing from Instagram user @drawingsbyulla for a prompt from #SBSADrawingADay . It would make a fantastic wintery greeting card!

< 1 mins

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