Let’s Make A Map: How to Tell a Story with a Map

A sketch can show an object or a person. Take it a step further with some creative lettering and you’re sharing a moment. Make a map, and you’re telling an entire story. And you can learn how with our current kourse, Let’s Make A Map.

With summer starting, vacations are on the calendar—and maps are a great way to be creative, even before your trip! Use your guidebooks to make a map of all the places you want to visit. While you’re on your trip, make notes of all your experiences. Later, you can make a memory map of your trip that will always remind you of where you went, what you ate, the people you saw and the things you did.

Let’s Make A Map is going on now, and you can dive in today. Meet your teacher, master map maker Nate Padavick, and your fellow map making students. Take your creativity in an exciting new direction. The klasses are yours to keep forever; when you sign up, you have lifetime access.

Want more map inspiration? Check out They Draw And Travel, the map website Nate co-founded with his sister, Salli Swindell (they also co-founded TheyDrawAndCook.com!).

Learn how to tell your life stories with maps. Join us, and Let’s Make A Map!

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