Infographics aren’t just fun, though Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene has been having a really good time doing infographics about our kourse offerings. Sketching, drawing, and doodling have been found to increase memory retention, making infographics a great way to convey and retain information for both adults and children.

Kids are born artists, and they’re visual learners by nature. Studies show that drawing improves self-expression and even stimulates brain development in children. As they get older, though, more emphasis is put on written language than visual. Kids can also start to feel intimidated, like their drawings aren’t “good enough.” Haven’t we all had that experience? You can keep that from happening and enhance your children’s learning abilities by helping them maintain their natural creativity.

More Playing is a Sketchbook Skool kourse designed for the whole family. It’s four weeks of fun for everyone, with the added benefit of keeping your kids fluent in visual language and learning. (You might pick up a thing or two yourself!) Check out Koosje’s infographic on More Playing, and click here for more info on More Playing!

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