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Melissa Wiley: Keeping Kids AND Yourself Creative


Melissa Wiley spoke with Danny Gregory awhile back about how to keep kids creative. In a lot of Sketchbook Skool courses, we talk about that uninhibited nature we all used to express as children but that got lost somewhere along the way. With Playing and More Playing coming up, she has some good advice to keep in mind!

How to Keep Kids Creative?

Here are a few of Melissa’s tips that help keep her kids engaged and excited about making art. Turns out, they work for us adults too!

  • Make supplies accessible. Whether its a bag or a drawer that holds all of your important tools, keep them handy so you can get to them whenever inspiration strikes!
  • Save space for leaving projects out. Sometimes, cleaning up and putting something away kind of kills the creative buzz. If you have a safe corner in your house or on your desk where you can leave a page open and unfinished, you might be more likely to return to it!
  • Give yourself (and your friends or kids or relatives) a challenge! Giving yourself mini assignments or participating in challenges can keep things fresh and exciting. Partaking in these kinds of things with people you care about is even better. Hold each other accountable!
  • Look for more inspiration. Outside the Sketchbook Skool klassroom, there are plenty of other opportunities for learning from other artists. Fakulty members Koosje Koene and Cathy Johnson both provide great resources on their own channels for quick and easy drawing tutorials. You can also learn from “older masters” like Bob Ross or Mona Brookes.

How do you keep your own creative energy up?

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