Jean-Christophe Defline Art

Fakulty Thursday Interview: Jean-Christophe Defline


One of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time is Tintin, from Hergé’s beloved Adventures of Tintin series. Each book was a beautiful story about trips to foreign lands with a family of memorable characters, all brought together in Hergé’s incredible art. Now, students enrolled in our kourse are going on a thrilling adventure with their next teacher, Jean-Christophe Defline!

Jean-Christophe has, from childhood, been a huge fan of Tintin books, which you can tell from his amazing style. He and his family go on vacation adventures that Jean-Christophe then turns into Tin Tin-like book covers! You can get a sneak preview of them on his website,, and in his contributions to Danny’s book An Illustrated Journey. Jean-Christophe’s passion and excitement for drawing will inspire Storytelling students to create book covers for their own adventures. Your new klass starts tomorrow, but for now, get to know Jean-Christophe through this Sketchbook Skool Art Interview!

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