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Interview: Behind-the-scenes of People Drawing People


We asked the fakulty members of People Drawing People to tell us one thing that surprised them the most about filming this kourse. Here’s what they said:

Jason Das: “What I loved most was the opportunity to narrate (hopefully some good pointers amongst my ramblings!) while having my sketching filmed so cleanly and knowing that an untold number of people in the future will benefit from it all being put together in such a well-constructed format. I’m really looking forward to seeing for myself how all the pieces come together.”

Vin Ganapathy: “I really enjoyed the structure of the filming. I think my biggest fear was to talk through the whole process (without cussing lol) but I felt really comfortable, maybe the serene white room helped? And of course Danny is a pro, his guidance was truly appreciated; I know I have a habit of going on tangents and felt at ease. My favorite part was having the real world session with Andrea. Our mini dialogue and drawing each other was more fun than expected!”

Carlos Aponte: “I took film classes years ago so I know time is money on set. It’s a challenge to convey everything in the time allowed and of course you want to get something good on the first take with each demo. This means you must put preconceived notions aside and just do it and enjoy the moment. My favorite part was the interview with Danny. I love to talk about this topic because this is my life!”

Felix Scheinberger: “The most interesting aspect was for me the idea to make a self portrait. I hadn’t done this for a long time and your suggestion that doing it helps to reflect ourselves was brilliant! I thought about it afterwards and I think I will bring this in my next project! I also really liked working with SBS student Jen Cahill. I love to communicate with the people I draw and she was such a nice and interesting person.”

France Belleville Van Stone: “The most surprising part of the filming process was being in such a brightly lit environment. I never seem to work with sufficient light when I draw — then suddenly I was flooded with it. I loved it. I think good lighting can play a huge part in one’s motivation to draw.”

Koosje Koene: “Usually, Danny and I work separately on kourse productions – each on our own continents. I really enjoyed working together with him so closely during this seriously crazy packed-scheduled week. On the very last day, I did my demos. That can be quite nerve racking with three cameras pointed at you. But by then we had tackled so many challenges during the production process, it felt like a breeze! My favorite demo to do was the one for ‘moving’; drawing Danny and JJ in an animated conversation.”

Koosje also made this video with all sorts of behind-the-scenes content. Enjoy!

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