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Instructor Spotlight: Seth Apter


This week, we dig deeper into our newest course Mixed Media Journaling and meet the instructor for week 2! Seth Apter is a Mixed Media Artist, Author, Instructor and Designer based in New York City. You can see more of his art here:

Seth Apter

**Q: Seth, How did your creative journey start?**

**A:** My creative journey began in the most serendipitous way. In 2000, having never been interested in making art, I had a chance encounter while traveling in Vancouver. I visited a gallery there and bought a few small pieces of art from the owner, Patricia Larsen, who happened also to be the artist. A few weeks later, I received a handmade postcard thanking me for purchasing the work. I was so touched by this gesture, I decided to make a postcard in return. To my surprise, I soon received a small painting made on a book page. So…I did my best to paint something and sent it on. And so it went, for 3+ years, an exchange of mail art that became my art education and my entrance into a new world.

Seth Apter arts

**Q: What are your top 5 tools or art supplies you’re using right now?**

**A:** I use so many supplies, it is hard to narrow down to 5. But I would say that my current favorites and most frequently used supplies include acrylic paint, chip brushes, paper (to work on, in books, for collage), Stabilo All pencils, and assorted found objects/embellishments.

Seth Apter art works

**Q: Where do you create your art?**

**A:** I have a studio space in my apartment and work at a table, loaded with supplies, so that my actual working space is usually quite small. I am surrounded by things that inspire me and work right next to an inspiration wall, which I change out about once a year (above).

**Q: Who is one other artist that inspires you or influences you.**

**A:** I have a long list of inspirations, but a favorite artist is Hannelore Baron. Antoni Tapies, Mark Bradford, and Anselm Kiefer also come to mind.

Seth Apter art stuffs

**Q: Can you tell us about one of your current projects?**

**A:** I have organized a collaborative project with a group of 11 other artists, all across the United States. We each created a hand-bound book and chosen individual themes. Over the course of a year, we are mailing the books to each other and creating one spread in every book. At the end of the project, this December, we will receive our books back – each of which will be filled with art from all 12 artists. You can see the books on social media by searching for #artx12.

Seth Apter sketch works

**Q: What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is just starting out with their creative habit?**

**A:** Sounds simple but I would say do the work. Just show up. Don’t wait for moments of inspiration to strike. Rather spend time creating, even in small doses, and as often as possible.

*We love getting lost in the pages of Seth’s art and can’t wait to see what our students create with found materials and collage in [this course!]( Wanna know more before you sign up? Watch Seth’s [Facebook Live Q&A on Mixed Media Journaling](, November 7 at 12pm EST!*

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