Instructor Mary Beth Shaw

Instructor Spotlight: Mary Beth Shaw


We are on the brink of a brand new course and are shining the spotlight on our new instructors in Mixed Media Journaling! This week, we go to St. Louis, MO and meet Mary Beth Shaw.

Mary Beth Shaw

**Q: Mary Beth, tell us about your creative journey. How did it start?**

**A:** My creative journey started in 2000 which is the year I quit my so-called day job to explore my options. I originally planned on writing however I found myself more attracted to visual expressions, specifically collage and then mixed media painting. I took a lot of classes and was nearly frenetic with my quest to learn as much as possible.

Mary Beth Shaw sketch work

**Q: What are your favorite art supplies you’re using right now?**

**A:** Lately I have been revisiting my collage roots. I especially love found and vintage ephemera in addition to my own painted papers. I’ve been using napkins in my art again and also tissue paper.

Mary Beth Shaw Art stuffs

**Q: Where do you create your art?**

**A:** I have two places where I make art, either my studio, which is outside our home, or at my journal space, a corner of our living room. It’s an abbreviated version of my full studio where I can hang out adjacent to my husband and also work on my journals.

**Q: Who is one other artist that inspires or influences you?**

**A:** I have long been inspired by the late Dan Eldon.

Mary Beth Shaw Art design

**Q: Can you tell us about one of your current projects?**

**A:** I have recently started a new series of collage pieces that include vintage components along with my own painted material and mark making.

Mary Beth Shaw sketch design

**Q: What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is just starting out with their creative habit?**

**A:** Listen to a podcast, audiobook, or music while you work. Whatever you can do to move your brain out of the way will help release your creativity!

For more of Mary Beth’s art, visit her website:

Want a course sneak peek? Mary Beth and our co-founder, Danny, sat down for a behind-the-scenes preview of Mixed Media Journaling. You can watch it here:

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