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Instructor Spotlight: Kecia Deveney


Instructor Kecia Deveney

Mixed Media Journaling starts on Monday (11/11) and we’re pumped to meet our final instructor in this week’s spotlight! Kecia Deveney is an artist living and working in Jersey Shore, NJ.


Q: Kecia, How did your creative journey start?

A: I have always been artsy, but after I moved to New Jersey in the winter of ’95 with two small boys and no family and friends, I needed something to do with my time. So I began by decorating my home, painting furniture and then began making gifts. Everything sort of evolved from there. I also felt my art was kind of weird because I wasn’t following rules and didn’t know what I was doing, but in the end, people were drawn to how different it was from the usual stuff.

Q: What are your top 5 tools or art supplies you’re using right now?

  • Homemade modeling paste (recipe is included in my class)
  • POSCA paint markers
  • Spray paint – I love the brand, Rust-oleum.
  • Stencils (from my sources) and also my handmade glue gun stencils (which I will demonstrate in class).
  • My sewing machine! I use it all the time and for almost every art project that I am involved in. Even in mixed media journaling, I love texture and sewing papers together or making a fabric spread for my journal, etc.

Kecia Deveney art office

Q: Where do you create your art?

A: I have a studio at home that I work in during the evenings or on days when I can’t get out of the house and then I have a studio that I rent, about 10 minutes from my home, where I spend the majority of my time.

Kecia Deveney Artworks

Q: Who is one other artist that inspires or influences you?

A: Early on, I was really into (and still am), Modigliani. His paintings of women with long necks and dark eyes rather resonated with me. And of course, I would have to say that Frida Kahlo’s strength in her lifetime is very inspiring.

Kecia Deveney Artworks

Q: Can you tell us about one of your current projects?

A: I’ve been working on a deadline for 5 classes for a retreat next year. So I’ve been exploring a variety of things like creating a Prim doll, but still sticking to my style. I also used to work in jewelry, but stopped many years ago. But I decided to explore it again, but in more keeping with what I am doing now. And lastly, I am working on a junk journal class that involves working with a variety of papers (old and new). My favorite part about creating any handmade book, is making the cover, so I’ve been having fun creating interesting focal points with a lot of depth and texture.

Kecia Deveney Sketch work

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is just starting out with their creative habit?

A: Do not go down that rabbit hole of comparing yourself to anyone else. It is so easy to see what others are doing and think that you are not good enough, or that they are more successful, etc. Don’t even bother! It’s defeating and distracting. Stay true to yourself and practice a little bit every day.

We love the bold and vibrant art Kecia makes, and love her philosophy about creating even more. Check out Mixed Media Journaling and join her along with Seth Apter, Nat Kalbach and MaryBeth Shaw on November 11. One lucky enrolled student will get a chance to win a custom-made journal from Kecia, so don’t wait to sign up!

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