Art: Ohn Mar Win

Why do we make art? Or, if that’s too big a philosophical question: Why should you make art? We usually think of all the reasons we can’t, like time, money, talent (or thinking you don’t have it), etc. How about some reasons you should make art?

In case your inner critic tells you that making art is a frivolous waste of time, you should know that the reasons we’re about to cite come from scientists. Yes, researchers have been studying the effects that making art have on people, and they’re pretty persuasive.

For example, participants in one study had lower levels of cortisol (the hormone in our bodies associated with stress) after just 45 minutes of drawing and painting. In another study, first-year college students preparing for finals reported reduced anxiety after just 30 minutes of making art, including abstract painting. In other words, they didn’t even have to achieve “good” results; they were just happier after painting. Ohn Mar Win teaches a relaxing, freeing abstract watercolor painting exercise in our current kourse, Imagining.

And in yet another study, people caring for family members with illnesses reported feeling less stressed while taking art classes.

Your inner critic can’t really argue with findings like these.

There are many more benefits that you can read about here. In the meantime, take advantage of your inner critic’s silence and start drawing! We’ve got the klass that’s right for you on our kourses page.

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