Art: Jonathan Twingley

We found something really exciting: Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Jonathan Twingley posted an illustrated story of how he passes time on an Amtrak train commute! You can see the inspiring images and story here.

A few years ago, Amtrak came up with the great idea of offering artist residencies to people who would write about riding the rails. When they saw Twingley’s images about his commute by train from New York City to teach in Philadelphia, PA, they posted his story on their website! His words and images transform what could be a long, boring commute and turn it into an opportunity to create art.

The next time you’re on a long train, plane, or bus ride, a sketchbook is your best friend. Tell your travel story! Share it with us by posting it online and tagging us @sketchbookskool.

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