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Inspiration: Shut Your Monkey Monday 2


Welcome back to our version of #MotivationMonday–#ShutYourMonkeyMonday! We’re celebrating Danny’s new book, Shut Your Monkey, with tips on silencing the inner critic that tries to keep you from living a more creative life.

Ever wonder why you’ve got a critical monkey on your back? This excerpt from the book will explain it:

Living in the Real World

Things that happened long ago were real. The pain was real. The marks were real. As we grew bigger, other bad things happened. Unimaginable things. Things that were also all too real.

But the worst things seem to be the things that could be.

The sound of approaching sirens that could be heading to your house.

The boss who could be getting ready to fire you.

The smell that could be smoke.

The leading indicators that could be a sign.

The cough from your child’s room.

The phone ringing in the night.

The falling buildings.

The impending war.

The news around the clock.

Bad things happen. But worse things could. What does happen can be cleaned up or treated or paid for or even buried. But what could happen must only be dealt with one way. By refusing to fear what could be. By accepting that all that matters is all that is. That no matter how bad it is, we will live with it. That the world that skulks out of the midnight recesses of your head is just your creation. And that you can put your imagination to better use. And insist on living only in what is.

Want more Shut Your Monkey? Click here.

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