Art by Marloes De Vries, one of the teachers in our current kourse Imagining.

We just started our new kourse Imagining. Usually our kourses are about teaching people to draw, and how to see things the way artists do (everything is worth drawing!). But this time, something interesting is happening to people in Imagining: They’re also learning how to exercise their imaginations, and feeling some amazing effects. We wanted to share some of their experiences with you:

This is the first time I’ve done any online course and I am amazed at how you have made the experience so enriching and wonderful, and what incredible talent this community has. Thank you! I am so inspired, I could not stop drawing. I did not one but two sets of homework. This morning I woke up at 4 am to do my drawings. Thanks again!”—Bee

I am SO glad I decided to sign up for this kourse. I loved it all: Koosje’s videos, the assignment, my own creative journey, the concertinas made by classmates, all the comments here and on the Sketchbook Skool Facebook page, the live Q&A with Danny and Koosje just now. Wow, I couldn’t have imagined all this a week ago! Thank you, all of you!”—Marlies

My spirit is always lifted when I’ve spent time drawing, no matter the resulting image. Yesterday, I also noticed that my body seemed to respond—I felt stronger and more flexible. I can’t explain why or how. I can just write what I noticed and be very grateful. Thank you Koosje, Danny, SBS staff and my fellow students.”—Zena

And I thought I was too busy to draw this week! The main reason I wanted to sign up for Imagining was that I always draw and paint what I see in front of me. I needed to stretch out of my comfort zone. And even though I drew recognizable objects, it was still from my imagination and memory. This was the most fun thing I did this week. Thank you.”—Mary

What I discovered from this first week of Imagining is that I need to give myself permission to simplify.”—Christina

Loved it! Can hardly wait for Monday!”—Margrét

If you’d like to join these happy people, it’s not too late; enroll now and you can dive right in to Imagining. This week’s teacher is Marloes De Vries, whose art is featured on this page. She’ll teach you how to create fun cartoons that will help you shake free of rigidity and show you how your daily life is a rich goldmine for illustrated stories. Click here to join us for Imagining!

Art: Marloes De Vries

Art: Marloes De Vries

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