Art: Nina Johansson

Traveling by plane means long periods of time waiting—to check in, to board, to take off, to get where you’re going. For others, this means boredom. For us, this means time for sketching!

Sketchbook Skool students and fakulty members alike have discovered the joys of finding pockets of time to do our favorite thing, and plane travel gives us so much time to sketch. What a great way to pass the time, and there’s such a wide variety of subjects. The people who are also waiting in the terminal, who will hold still for you while you draw them. The food that comes in your tray. The seat in front of you, the legs beside you. The view outside! There’s just so much to draw.

We recently came across this article about making art on planes, and below, you can see some of the art of our traveling teachers. Tip: Make sure you pack a sketchbook and a small kit of your favorite art supplies in your carry-on bag. If you haven’t made art while traveling on planes, trains, or cars, now you’ll know what to do with all that time!

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Art: Koosje Koene

Art: Lapin

Art: Danny Gregory

Art: Mattias Adolfsson

Art: Stefan Bucher

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