importance of creativity in arts

The Importance of Creativity in Arts


Drawing may seem like a fun thing to do (or, on days when your head is full of monkey chatter, a waste of time). But it’s one of the most important things we can do—especially now.

This week, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene starts teaching her klass in our community kourse, Seeing. In her SBS Fakulty Sketch interview, Koosje drew her favorite quote: “Ancora imparo,” or, “I am still learning.” This was said by Michelangelo, considered to be one of the greatest masters of art, and greatest thinkers, of all time.

Why Being Creative is So Important

In this time, learning to be creative helps us keep up with a world that’s changing faster than ever. We’re experiencing things we’ve never seen before, all around us. It’s amazing, and it’s a lot to deal with. How do we process it all? How do we find out how we feel about things, and how they affect us?

By making art.

Throughout history, people have made art to reflect the world around them. Think of the ancient cave paintings of animals and people. Even back then, when each day was a struggle to survive, cavemen took the time to draw. To make art that told stories about their lives.

This is why we do what we do. Why we draw, paint, sketch, illustrate, hand-letter. Taking a picture isn’t enough; writing on a computer doesn’t quite convey what we feel. So we pick up the sketch pad and a pen and watercolors, and we tell a story about ourselves and the world around us.

It’s never a waste of time. It’s always important. And the more you do it, the better you get at telling stories. Stories about the world around you, and your own stories.

We are all still learning, and always should be. Learning new ways to be creative is a skill that helps us move smoothly in this rapidly changing, ever-shifting world. Using visual images to communicate and connect is a talent every single one of us is born with—children love to draw, and as adults, we can add to that with skills we learn and practice. We create, and we learn to think creatively.

And let’s not forget something very important: Making art is fun.

Keep learning. Keep being creative. Keep drawing, accumulating new skills, keep practicing, use tools you love and tools you’re not that crazy about. Keep exploring. Make discoveries, and share them. Keep being creative. It’s important for all of us, and to all of us.

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