Art by Marloes De Vries, next week’s teacher in our new kourse Imagining. This kourse may not run again, so join us today!

This week, our new kourse Imagining started. The Sketchbook Skool Community was already excited about it, and after we showed art by some of the teachers over the weekend, hundreds more people joined the party! But there are still some people who are, well, having trouble imagining what they’ll get out of Imagining.

We admit this is kind of a big concept, and not the easiest to understand. The trailer was cool (if we do say so ourselves), but you still want particulars. What, exactly, could you get out of this klass? So we asked Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory to list all the great things you’ll learn and discover in Imagining:

Our teachers will tell you how they create product designs, 3D characters, books, movies, stuffed animals, murals, typefaces, illustrated memoirs, storybooks, comics, and much more.

You’ll learn how to: • Improve your creativity • Get into the zone • How to fight the inner critic • Bring forth new ideas • Use creative mindfulness • Balance imagination and perfectionism • Creatively collaborate • Pick creative projects • Live the creative life of your dreams! • Make new things in new ways • Discover new drawing and painting styles • Draw from your mind (you’ll never have “nothing to draw” again!) with tricks the teachers use themselves • Do step-by-step projects—no more abandoned artwork! • Create characters with a foolproof method • Make autobiographical cartoons to share • Turn a random ink blot into a brand new character • Turn your drawings into a story, and even a book (how cool would that be?) • Continue to refine and develop your creative ideas • Make watercolor abstractions that require no drawing ability (none!) • Do daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to keep your drawing habit fresh and growing • Participate in live weekly seminars where you can talk to your teachers and ask them anything!

And some other details: If you enroll now, you’ll have lifetime access to this five-week kourse. We’re only on the first week; you’ll have plenty of time to catch up. And, very important: There are currently no plans to run this kourse again. We hope you’ll join us for Imagining!

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