how to use gouache and ink

Draw Tip Tuesday: How to Use Gouache and Ink


Gouache and ink: sketchbook art heaven! At least, when you know how to use them together, as Koosje Koene shows you in this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

What is gouache?

A special type of watercolor paint that goes on the page opaque, rather than sheer. It’s usually used for coloring in sketches you’ve already drawn. But when you use gouache first, as the basis for a drawing, you get an entirely different look. Then, as Koosje demonstrates in the video, you can sketch around the gouache forms, adding refinement with an ink pen and highlights with the white gel pen she used in last week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

The great thing about gouache is—well, everything, but also that you don’t need an expensive set to get a good effect. The inexpensive set Koosje uses here works perfectly. Give gouache and ink a try! And post your drawings online with #sbsdrawtiptuesday so we can see it.


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