how to stretch your creative skills

How to Stretch Your Creative Skills: An Interview with Miguel Herranz


Welcome to a new week of klasses in our current community kourse, Urban Sketching! This week’s teacher is Miguel Herranz, who will teach you a cool technique for doing the kind of in-depth, richly detailed drawings he’s known for all over the world.

Back when Miguel was teaching in our Stretching kourse, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene talked to Miguel about how we can go beyond what we think we can do creatively in this Sketchbook Skool Q & Art video. If you take this path, you’ll see your drawing go from merely copying something to developing your own style.

Ways to Improve Your Creativity

Miguel’s Stretching klass is now part of our Urban Sketching workshop, a worldwide community kourse that teaches you how to draw live scenes as they’re happening. Whether you’re on vacation and want to commit something to your sketchbook, or you’re in the local coffee bar and want to capture an ordinary moment, this kourse is for you.

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