how to start a sketchbook

Tips: How to Start a Sketchbook


Starting a new sketchbook is something we all must do; whether you’ve filled hundreds of them or just plucked your first blank book off the shelf of the art supply store. The first page of a new sketchbook gives the creeps to a lot of people. Below we have gathered 5 simple tips from the Sketchbook Skool community on how to overcome the fear of that first page and dive right in:

1. Start on the second page.
2. Use the first page to write your name and contact info.
3. Start somewhere in the middle of your new sketchbook.
4. Write an inspiring quote on the first page.
5. Get over it, pick up where your last sketchbook page ended, and conquer the beast.

Question for you: How and when do you break in a brand new sketchbook?

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