how to make a sketch collage

Draw Tip Tuesday: How to Make a Sketch Collage


We usually think of collage as being an assortment of photos pasted on a page or other surface. In this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, Koosje Koene, co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, shows you how to make a Sketch Collage.

The word collage is French for “gluing,” but it’s since come to mean an assortment of things as well. In this video, Koosje uses the things around her as her sketching subjects. Though at first glance they might seem random, when sketched together, they actually tell a story about what Koosje is doing today. Whenever she looks at this page, she’ll remember what was going on—it’s even better than a photo (or a bunch of photos glued to the page!).

Try making a sketch collage with the items you have around you. Remember, you can play with different sizes and scales, add lettering, color the background or the items themselves. Play! Making a Sketch Collage is so simple and fun, it could become part of your daily creative habit.

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