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Art Therapy Thursday: Michael Nobbs – How to Get Over of a Drawing Slump?


This week’s Therapy Thursday art therapist is beloved by thousands of people all over the world for his podcasts, books, and gentle take on creativity–Michael Nobbs, a featured teacher in the Sketchbook Skool. Michael has some surprising advice for Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene about getting over her recent drawing slump, but it just might work for her, and for anyone who feels their creative mojo is kind of low.

Ways to Get Out of a Drawing Slump

Let us know what you think: Would Michael’s advice work for you? Have you tried it before? What has helped you get past a creative slump? We’re putting together answers for a future blog post, so please post your tips in the Comments below.

Michael Nobbs is an artist, author, and podcast host based in Wales. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in the late 1990s, Michael started Sustainably Creative, a movement that shows people how to fit creativity into their lives in 20 minutes a day. He is the voice of the daily podcast One Thing Today and the author of Drawing Your Life: Learn to See, Record, and Appreciate Life’s Small Joys and his zine, The Beany. He drinks a lot of tea and likes to go on walks with his cats. Visit Michael at sustainablycreative.com and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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