how to draw without talent

How to Draw Without Talent


Our new kourse is here! How to Draw Without Talent is open and ready and waiting for you and fun, and you can sign up for it now by clicking here.

New Sketchbook Skool Kourse

As Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory explains in his blog post about How to Draw Without Talent, he created this kourse for all the people who told him over the years, “I can’t draw—I don’t have any talent.” Well, guess what: You don’t need it. All you need are these 26 short, sweet, simple, beautiful, and fun videos. (Did we mention the fun? Yes, fun! No artistic angst required.) We even made How to Draw Without Talent so affordable your critical inner monkey won’t be able to say no.

You don’t need talent to be able to draw anything you want. All you need are a pen, a pad of paper, and this link to sign up. (If you’re already a Sketchbook Skool student, you’ll also need to create a new username and password because we’re on a cool new platform, but it’s super-simple.) At last, you can learn how to draw, talent optional!

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