how to draw scenes from nature

Q & Art: How to Draw Scenes from Nature


We’re getting ready for our Urban Sketching kourse, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten Sketchbook Skool students who live in the suburbs. We listed all the ways you can become a ‘Burban Sketcher, and now Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory talks to artist Richard Bell about sketching nature.

How to draw nature the easy way

Urban Sketching is just another way of saying that you’re sketching live, on location—and you don’t have to be in a big city to do that. Many on-location sketchers are actually in nature, or drawing nature scenes. Cathy Johnson and Roz Stendahl are known for this, as is Richard Bell. He’s spent many years drawing and painting the stories that unfold in his small garden in Yorkshire. To read more about Richard, his art, and his garden, click here, and watch the video above for Richard’s tips about drawing nature. His work will inspire you, and his talk with Danny will soon have you doing your own nature studies on location.

For lessons on how to draw on location no matter where you are, check out our next kourse, Urban Sketching.

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