how to draw history

How to Rewrite (or Re-Draw) History


Today is the first day of klasses in Sketchbook Skool’s community kourse, Seeing. Today, people from all over the world start learning to see the world the way artists do.

Some of them are absolute beginners who have always wanted to learn how to draw, watercolor, make art. Some have taken Sketchbook Skool klasses before and want to keep experiencing the great feeling that comes with drawing. And almost all of them are rewriting history.

Maybe when they were kids making art, a teacher or other adult told them to stop wasting their time and do something sensible. Or worse, that they had no talent for art. They may have wanted to go to art school, or just take some lessons, but they didn’t have the time or money. Making art is often a dream deferred, sometimes forever.

Today, that dream starts looking a lot more like reality.

In just six weeks, the beginners will be able to call themselves artists. The students with a little more experience will see their own style emerging, that their skills are getting better. Everyone looks at the world differently. In just six weeks—after sometimes decades of waiting—they’re making art. They’re artists.

This week’s teacher in Seeing is Danny Gregory, a self-taught artist who, like many of our students, waited years to find out that making art is a way of truly appreciating life. He’s the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool and the author of many books on how everyone—yes, all of us—is creative and a potential artist. But, since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can get to know Danny through this Sketchbook Skool Fakulty Sketch Interview.

Becoming an artist is just a matter of seeing yourself that way. Learn how by clicking here, and become the artist you were meant to be.

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