In last week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene taught you the basics of hatching. This week, it’s the sequel: Hatching II in 3-D! Our video’s not in 3-D, but what Koosje teaches you in this video is the kind of hatching that creates a more three-dimensional effect, giving depth and showing density. Grab a pen, some paper, and a jar and give it a try!

Koosje does a new Draw Tip Tuesday each week to help you develop a creative habit, one drawing at a time. She’s even done them through her own creative slump (check out her Therapy Thursday series for tips), because that’s how you build skills–by consistently feeding those good habits.

How do you feed the habits that help you keep drawing? We want to know–leave us a comment.

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